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Re: George Longtail

Posted by: Popblue
In Response to: Re: George Longtail posted by nick
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Post Time: December 26, 2017 at 18:26:34


Oh no! I was in the planning mode for big things in the 2018 season. Found a new big pocket sponsor and the sponsor was willing to provide funds for a team that didn't run last year. Was tickled to find the sponsorship dollars after coming off such a terrible season in 2017. The highlight of the season was finishing ahead of # 77 in most of the races for 2017. I can understand why your thinking of not putting the league together for next seasons although it will be a disappointment for several team owners that have formed a bond from this league. Loved Miss Pearl and keeping up with her. She is a real sweetheart! To trash talk Jim Jim was a blast. If you don't keep the league going Nick you along with the other owners will be missed. Thank you and the other owners for the fun and memories you have provided us!

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