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Thanks Russell

Posted by: nick
In Response to: Sad to hear But...... posted by Racefan45
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Post Time: December 20, 2017 at 11:39:38


I'm really sorry I can't keep it going. Running the league is not that hard as Gene and I have worked throughout the years to automate much of what goes into the league operations. It does glue me to my PC 24/7 and to my home on race days. And after 16 years I need to consider making some trips to visit family members. Also not being as young as I used to be and after 1 stroke already I guess my biggest fear is starting a league and having some dumb health issue prevent me from finishing it. I tried a backup plan last year with an assistant but that didn't work out. I appreciate your comments and hey, I've had just as much fun as you guys teasing each other on the board and reading all the funny Team Press Conferences. So it's been great and I love you all like family and I certainly appreciate you all here who have been with me on this venture for so many years.

Happy Holidays. :)

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