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Re: Good Luck. Enjoy you vacation........WB JAE!!!!

Posted by: Popblue
In Response to: Re: Good Luck. Enjoy you vacation........WB JAE!!!! posted by Petty n Labonte Fan
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Post Time: September 20, 2017 at 17:56:15


We made it back and Jae you did a great job while we were gone. Don't know if it was of a vacation with babysitting twin 3 year old girls or not, but it was sure a lot of fun doing that. Weather was to hot for me as I felt I was back in Texas. Hurricanes in Florida, Texas, and fires in Oregon along with Idaho.When we got off the plane in Boise it was one big haze of smoke so have to think about rather or not we are moving out there. Enough on that but Jae you did so goo while I was gone; I need you again for the race this week. Can you help me out again? Looks like poor ole # 77 is still going backwards. Don't you know that is tearing Jim apart?

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