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Re: Question about a rule change made years back

Posted by: Popblue
In Response to: Question about a rule change made years back posted by nick
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Post Time: June 11, 2017 at 17:53:34


I have mixed feelings about the change putting the lap cars on the inside verus starting them in the back. It brings to mind how cars with old tires that stay out how fast the are shuffled to the back. The lapped cars to the inside could at times be used as a block to propel cars in passing to get the lead. I did like them racing back to the yellow, but can see why it was done away with for safety reasons. Do like the side by side line up as its the leaders of the race without having to pass cars that were a lap or more down. Nick you've been around this sport to remember when a lot of races the only car on the lead lap was the winner, and maybe one or two more cars where as today's racing you will have as many as 20 on the lead lap.

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