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Back in control

Posted by: Popblue
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Post Time: May 15, 2016 at 01:06:59


Back from vacation and in charge of drafting drivers, Left Jim AKA # 77 in charge of setting up drivers for a few weeks and he didn't fair to well and was reason for falling out of any contention for the die cast car. Hope to get back on track this week in Dover so Jim we have talked to some of your pit crew and look for loose or missing lug nuts on several of your drivers cars. What a buudy you are not placing Vickers on waivers so Scrappy could have had a full team. Its all good as the teams you set up for Crappy and Scrappy did finish aead of you. Course when your running in 100th or worse its hard not to place ahead of you. Your okay Jim and I know its hard to set up other owners teams so your still a friend of mine. Good luck to you with the points reduction for rules infraction this week in the Monster Mile at Dover. (:

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