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For those who do not check your mail. Info on the #14 car

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Post Time: April 29, 2016 at 00:00:42


Hello Team Owners,
The next race is a big one for DOUBLE CASH at Talladega. Tony Stewart is back in the car but may use Ty Dillon as a relief driver so I wanted to tell you how scoring would work.

If Tony starts the race and then gets out of the car for a relief driver NASCAR will award Tony the points the car earns for how it finishes the race and so the SFL will give Tony those points as well.

If you put Ty Dillion on your team and he gets in the Tony's car you will receive the points same as above.

Also, you can put both Stewart and Ty Dillion on your team and both drivers will be awarded the points the 14 car receives but I should warn that is not a good strategy in that you would be assigning 2 drivers to one car. Though they would both get the points the 14 car earns that would only happen if Ty does do relief for Tony.

If Ty starts the race in his own car and then gets out to drive Tony's car you would only receive the points for the car he finishes the race in.

Please note that Live League Scoring will not be able to reflect these scoring scenerios and may not be accurate because of this.

Please let me know if you have any questions and good luck in the DOUBLE CASH TALLADEGA RACE!

Nick Tusa

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