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To many tires went away!!!

Posted by: Popblue
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Post Time: March 20, 2016 at 19:11:30


Another race behind us. Not the finish I was looking for was hoping for a top 10. Did figure a few things out to use at the paper clip. We'll settle for our finish and glad we were in the top 20 unlike that # 77 guy. I think Jim has been feeling sad because Gracie has been showing him up at the ride and drive events. He has said when she beats him he will retire for the second time and we are rooting for Gracie to dethron him. Gracie has been learning the clutch thingy along with the shifter thingy with a great teacher ( Gregg Rimmer). Go get him Gracie. Miss Pearl you did better than Jim so it was a good showing for you. The paper clip will be even better. Tires will hold up on the clip, it will give us some beating and banging so hold onto your seat because Crappy and Scrappy will be using a new secret weapon that has already been approved by the SFL officals.

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