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HEY HEY Miss Pearl is in to win!!!!!!

Posted by: Miss Pearl
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Post Time: February 11, 2016 at 14:01:50


Hey guys!!!! I am back. I hope to do much better this year. I need my other GAM77 to get signed up. I know our 2 time champ will be back. I will check with Jae. We need all the help. Sounds like Pop Blue is teaming up with us.
I remember 10+ years ago when I joined, Flyboy and I formed a strong competition against each other. But he knows I love him.
This last season when he beat the snot out of me was tough to sallow.
MPM also will have to be more careful with my equipment and
I am still having to stay with my Mom....
BUT my husband retired in Nov. and oh my don't know if I will survive this.... Lol
Love and good luck to you all.

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