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Re: SFL Registration is open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (nm)

Posted by: Popblue
In Response to: SFL Registration is open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (nm) posted by Member # 77
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Post Time: February 05, 2016 at 15:58:07


Crappy and Scrappy are back for another run. Its all up to NASCAR if this will be the last year for us or not. No more silly rule changes to the sprint cup. Have made trucks where I probably won't watch or attend any races this year. A caution after so many minutes of racing. Then to have it the same as cup with the last races being an elimination. With only 23 races that means almost have of the races will be elimination type races with only the top few competing for the championship. If I was just outside the window for being in the chase why go to the track and waste the money. Oh< well its the way it will be make rules then change to suit the wind. We will be coming after # 77 and Lizard lick racing this season as always, but sorry true blue you are in are sights too. Miss Pearl and Jae's Revenge will also have several on their list and we feel # 77 and lizard lick racing will be at the top of the list. Good luck to all race teams this year and get used to seeing Crappy or Scrappy in the victory lane this season.

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